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Innovation Workshops

We develop and deliver bespoke design thinking and innovation workshops, trainings and events in-person and remotely around the world, facilitating effective collaboration with high engagement that will leave your team buzzing.

We get it - too often, design thinking workshops leave your team inspired but unable to implement real change within your organization.

Through our customized workshops, which can be delivered online or in-person, your team(s) will apply design thinking tools whilst working on live challenges. Doing and learning at the same time.


Our most popular workshops:
1. Tangible Innovation Workshop
2. Product Strategy Workshop
3. Brand Strategy Workshop

“I wanted to share that I personally really enjoy the workshop sessions. And my guys too. The facilitation helps our thought process to conceptualize the idea and flow for the platform.”

Harville Lim
Co-founder & CEO of a proptech startup in Singapore

Our accelerated design led innovation methods

Innovation Workshop


Ideas are cheap.

Execution is EVERYTHING!

It all starts with a good discussion.

Become An Innovation Expert

Learn the 3 key design thinking workshops you need in 2021 to become an Innovation Expert.
Key workshops included in the course:
1. The #1 Decision Making Workshop
2. The Perfect 10 min Brainstorming Workshop
3. The Challenge Definer Workshop
Get precise instructions and tips to run these workshops confidently with your team(s) right away.
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