What started as an exercise in creating an interactive prototype evolved into a full blown collaboration to continually innovate CapitaLand's vision for "Office of the Future".

Since 2019, we have collaborated on various projects with the CapitaLand Commercial team as their UX/UI design partner.

Initially engaged to create an interactive prototype to visualize Capitaland's vision of "Office of the Future", we progressed to collaborate on bigger, better projects.

Our scope of work includes running Design Thinking workshops, Design and UX/UI Sprints for a variety of external public facing and internal tenant facing applications and portals.

Our accelerated design led innovation methods

Innovation Workshop


Ideas are cheap.

Execution is EVERYTHING!

It all starts with a good discussion.

Become An Innovation Expert

Learn the 3 key design thinking workshops you need in 2021 to become an Innovation Expert.
Key workshops included in the course:
1. The #1 Decision Making Workshop
2. The Perfect 10 min Brainstorming Workshop
3. The Challenge Definer Workshop
Get precise instructions and tips to run these workshops confidently with your team(s) right away.
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